Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

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Bankruptcy lawyer

If you are considering bankruptcy to get financial relief, the best course of action will be to hire a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy lawyer will know the laws in your state and help you get the most benefit from your case. Ask a potential bankruptcy lawyer questions that can help you ensure you will be getting the best representation.

  • Have you successfully completed cases similar to mine?
  • Will you be available to take my calls?
  • Do you have a payment plan?
  • Will you go to all the meetings and court dates?

Family and friends may be useful sources of information if they have used a bankruptcy attorney before. You can also find lists of attorneys in your area with a simple internet search.

Hiring an Attorney

When you hire an attorney, you will receive a retainer or contract. Be sure to read it carefully and ask questions if you do not understand something. The contract should state what services the attorney will offer, the fees for the proposed work, and how much extra complications there are in your case.

Choosing to represent yourself could cost you more than the legal fees you would pay an attorney. The bankruptcy law is complicated and specific, and you will need to know some of the rules to have a successful outcome. There are meetings to attend, courses you must take at specific times during your case, court appearances, schedules, and forms to be filled out correctly, to name a few.

Don’t risk losing your assets or paying more than necessary to your creditors, hire an experienced Plano bankruptcy attorney to get the best representation in your case.

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