Small Businesses May Benefit From Bankruptcy

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chapter 11Competition is fierce and many businesses are fighting a daily battle to keep their doors open. For many small businesses, staying afloat in this economy is proving to be an uphill battle. Unfortunately, many small businesses are finding themselves in over their heads in debt and creditors knocking at the door.

Small businesses are at greater risk for going under in this economy, mostly due to a lack of capital and assets. When a small business makes just enough to come away with a small profit each month, many business owners are not able to put any money back into the company each month. If they hit a rough patch, they may not have enough money saved to sustain the business for a few months.

Reasons For Filing Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides debt elimination and asset protection for a business in need. Finances may have gotten out of control due to poor management, increased competition, contractual issues with creditors or having been a victim of natural disasters. Many small businesses simply don’t have enough flexibility in their accounts to manage unforeseen financial hardships.

Fortunately, Chapter 11 can provide a way to reorganize debts, develop a repayment plan with creditors and remain in operation. Rather than risk losing the business to a potential third party, or close down operations; Chapter 11 allows for the business to resolve its debt issues without resorting to liquidating assets or other extreme measures.

For the small business owner, Chapter 11 can provide a sense of relief and accomplishment during turbulent economic times. In the long run, the economy will improve and the small business owner will be able to keep their place in the market and continue to serve consumers.





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