When Bankruptcy’s Not Enough

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alarm clockMany companies file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy when they get into deep financial trouble, and if they are successful, they can start over with a relatively clean slate. However, if they don’t make changes to the business model, they will inevitably run into the same problems as before. The following are a few facts and tips for declaring bankruptcy as a business:

  • Businesses need to try and pay back their debts. A bankruptcy court will not accept a plan that does not demonstrate, at the very least, willingness or attempts to pay the creditors what they are owed. By trying as hard as possible to pay their creditors, a company will maintain its reputation and integrity, giving it a head start after the bankruptcy case is over.
  • Businesses have to make management changes. If it’s time for a company to declare bankruptcy, this may be indicative of a problem with its infrastructure. By adding new management or restructuring the company, business owners can avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.
  • Businesses should retain a strong customer base. If a company goes bankrupt, it should still make every effort to maintain ties with customers and partners so it can start afresh without starting from scratch. Keeping an active network of contacts during bankruptcy can make a huge difference to a company’s success.
  • Businesses should try a new approach. Don’t solely restructure management; try to reinvent the entire business. Be creative, try new ideas, create new products, and incorporate new technology. Avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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