Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Plan

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payment planWho you owe and how you plan to pay your debt is the central part of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your plan outlines for the court how much each creditor will receive, and how long your plan will last.

Repayment Plan Forms

You can find the forms you need to fill out your Chapter 13 repayment plan at and click on the “forms” link. The forms will also be available to be picked at the court clerk in your district.

Some districts require short forms detailing your income, your debt and how you plan to pay on your plan, these can be tricky as they assume you know what information to put where. Some districts have longer forms, which are usually easier to fill out since it details more out for you.


Some creditors will be paid in full, and others will only receive a fraction of what is due. Priority debt will be paid first, like alimony and child support. This plan will control your finances as long as the bankruptcy is in effect, either three or five years.

It is challenging to get your plan approved the first round, you must:

  • Calculate interest rates
  • Calculate your disposable income
  • Creditors may object to your plan
  • The trustee may not feel you are being fair and will ask you to amend your plan

Once your plan is approved by the court, you and your creditors are bound by the terms.
Trying to figure out on your own how long to do the calculations and paperwork can be daunting. Getting help from a qualified Dallas bankruptcy attorney is an excellent idea.

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