Documents to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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paperworkWhen you file paperwork with the bankruptcy court, you are required to submit specific forms to be approved. Your bankruptcy attorney or the court in your district will tell you what the requirements of your district are, like what forms they want, how many copies, and in what order.

Credit Counseling

You must attend credit counseling before you can file your bankruptcy paperwork with the courts. You will need to submit a certificate of credit counseling that you obtained from a U.S. Trustee approved agency within 180 days of filing bankruptcy. You can find a list of approved credit counseling agencies at www.usdoj/ust.

Tax Return or Transcript

Your trustee will require a copy of your most recent IRS tax return no later than seven days before your 341 meeting (meeting of the creditors). Any creditor that asks for it can also receive a copy of your tax return. You do, however, have the right to blackout any sensitive information like your date of birth, or social security number. If you don’t submit your tax return to the court in time, your case could be dismissed.

Wage Stubs

You are required to submit pay stubs for the 60 days before filing bankruptcy. If you are self-employed, you will probably have to fill out a form explaining this to the court.


Separate forms showing your property, assets, who you owe money to, and how much you owe. Your district court may require other schedules, contact them to make sure you have the most up to date information on the forms you need. You can find your bankruptcy court at the U.S.Courts website.


Any repayment plans that were made at credit counseling outlining how you plan to pay back your debt. Generally, it is not usually recommended that you sign up for a plan with the agency, instead work with your bankruptcy attorney to make a plan for debt repayment.

If filling out the paperwork for bankruptcy sounds daunting, contact a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney and get the expertise you need.

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