Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a Good Choice?

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choiceWhen an individual is faced with what they feel is insurmountable debt they get to the point where they are so overwhelmed that they just want to get out from under all the pressure it is creating. If this sounds like you, then you are probably tired of repeatedly telling your creditors there is simply no money to pay.

Deciding On A Chapter

All of your explanations seem to be falling on deaf ears. You are looking at bankruptcy as a solution and wonder if chapter 13 is the appropriate choice. First you have to realize that this form of bankruptcy is different from the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is not intended to wipe out all your debts. You are still going to be responsible to your creditors.

However, there will be set rules for re-payment that the creditors are going to have to live with. They may not be happy with the terms because often they receive less or even no interest on the debt, but at least they are getting their original principal back. For you it relieves the pressure of the harassing telephone calls and threats of actions. The payments are structured based on your affordability.

It is highly important that the terms of the chapter 13 bankruptcy are fully adhered to, so the terms must be negotiated properly. To ensure that this is done on your behalf it is wise to use a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney to assist you with your chapter 13 bankruptcy procedures.

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