Credit Counseling Not Just For The Bankrupt

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credit counselingMany consumers are treading water trying to keep their heads above the waves of debt. Medical bills, credit card debt, loss of a job and overspending have left many with few options.

When seeking debt relief many people simply don’t take advantage of the many resources available until it is too late. Before filing for bankruptcy, consider credit counseling.

Debtor Education Courses

Credit counseling is required of anyone filing for bankruptcy, but why should these individuals be the only ones who take advantage of such a valuable resource. Credit counseling companies offer many non-profit services for anyone who wants them.

One of the better known courses is a debtor education course. This course teaches people how to manage their money and develop a debt elimination plan. The debtor education course focuses on how to create and follow a budget, how to use credit wisely, the importance of reducing debt and the best ways to eliminate debt. The course provides the information needed to develop a financially solid future.

So why aren’t more people taking the course?

Mostly, because many people haven’t heard about this resource. Since the course is required for bankruptcy filers, many people never come in contact with the information. Also, many people assume they either (a) are not eligible to take the course or (b) do not think the course will benefit them. Both of these assumptions are false. A debtor education course can provide anyone, in debt or not, with great information about money management tools.

Finding The Best Company

Anyone seeking credit counseling services should make sure they find a reputable agency. There are many non-reputable companies claiming to offer these services for the benefit of the consumer, but may be focused on the money. A high quality credit counseling company will offer non-profit services and be registered with the U.S. Department of Trustees. Click here to find a reputable credit counseling service in your area.


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