Get the Creditors to Stop Calling with Bankruptcy

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phone callsThe moment the clerk stamps your petition when you file for bankruptcy with the courts, the “automatic stay” goes into effect. What this means is that creditors can not make any attempts to contact you regarding your debt during the entire bankruptcy process.

Phone Calls

Some lenders or third party collection agencies operating under the lender’s request can call you multiple times per day making your life miserable. They can call your home, work or relatives hoping you will get tired of the harassment and pay your debt to stop the calls.


It is in the lenders or debt collectors best interest to keep hounding you to pay on your debt. Most debt collectors are paid on commission since they don’t want to work for free, they will continue to try to contact you.


You will still have to continue paying your court-ordered child support or alimony. But any garnishments from your wages will also be stopped for the duration of your bankruptcy.

Just because you ignore a debt collector won’t make them go away. They will try other avenues to get your attention, mail, texts, and emails, to name a few. You may have stopped using the credit cards, but the interest and fees will still be adding up. You could also be taken to court and sued for the debt you owe. The creditor can be awarded a judgment to garnish your wages.

If you are avoiding answering your phone because you think a creditor is calling and you don’t have any money to pay them. Consider talking to a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney to get the calls to stop. When you file for bankruptcy, you will have the peace of mind knowing your credit card debt can be wiped away and the creditors will stop calling.

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