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When you are way behind on your debts and facing bankruptcy, the thoughts of squeezing out even more money to hire a bankruptcy attorney might push you to consider representing yourself in a bankruptcy case. The internet has made D-I-Ys relatively easy to achieve in practically everything. One internet search, a few clicks, a few step-by-step video tutorials, and you’re on your way to becoming an overnight expert in any field of your choice.

Many DIY bankruptcy agencies online offer “easy and affordable” assistance for those willing to take on the whole process themselves. Petitioners then ask themselves, “If I can save some money doing it myself, why hire a bankruptcy lawyer?” Here are a few reasons why DIY Attorney might be a dangerous move for you:

Wasting Time

The time spent researching matters related to filing bankruptcy cases such as;

  • what bankruptcy chapter to file
  • what are the rules
  • what exemptions are you allowed
  • how and when are things supposed to be filed, and so on

You could have spent that time working at your job, making and saving enough money to hire an attorney who is an expert and knows more than you could possibly learn in your “short-time” research.

Mistakes Can Cause Dismissals

No matter how well prepared you think you are to be a DIY Attorney, you still cannot compare your depth of knowledge, experience, or expertise with a legal practitioner. One “rookie” mistake can destroy your case, filing the incorrect chapter of bankruptcy, incorrectly claiming property exemptions, inability to file the required documents, incorrectly responding to a creditor’s objection within a specific time frame, and so on can result in case dismissal.

In conclusion, while you can indeed file for bankruptcy without a lawyer, it’s generally not a good idea. The cost of hiring a bankruptcy attorney might turn out to be far less than what you could potentially lose if you make mistakes during a DIY bankruptcy filing and lose the case.

Contact a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney to find out how you can get financial relief.

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