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paperworkFiling bankruptcy can be a daunting task: so many rules and regulations to follow. And hanging over your head is if you make a mistake, you could lose valuable property, or get your case dismissed. Here are a few suggestions to make it faster and easier to fill out your bankruptcy forms.

Make Copies of the Blank Forms

If you have several blank copies, you won’t be worried about making mistakes. Plus, if you find more information later, it can easily be added to the draft copy without scribbling anything out. You will want to submit the cleanest copy possible to the courts.

Be Thorough

It is better to give too much information than too little. The trustee may think you are trying to hide assets and be guilty of fraud if you leave blank questions. On the flip side, if you fail to list a creditor that debt will not be discharged in your bankruptcy.

Answer Every Question

Even if you think the question is non-applicable, you should answer every question. The most commonly skipped question is, “do you have any clothing?” While it may seem obvious that people have clothing, still, fill out the question to the best of your ability. They are looking for expensive items that may have value. If a question literally does not apply, you can write in “N/A” or check the “none” box if they have one.

If you are asked the same questions later in the form, go ahead and copy the same information if you can. Again, it is better to have too much information than blank spaces. Be honest and get help if you need it to fill out the form.

Contacting a Plano bankruptcy attorney will help you understand the information needed for the forms and can give you advice on how to fill them out.

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