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hiring an attorney

When people are overwhelmed in debt, adding another bill by hiring a bankruptcy attorney can seem impossible. They often wonder if they can avoid hiring an attorney and represent themselves. You can also find advice all over the Internet on how to prepare your bankruptcy documents. The problem with both of these options is that you won’t have somebody standing next to you in court with the knowledge and experience in bankruptcy law.


The money you save by not hiring an attorney is only a fraction of what you could lose by not understanding the law. Missing filing dates or not knowing what exemptions you qualify for can cost you your home or thousands of dollars. If you miss filing deadlines, do not fill out your paperwork correctly, or do not attend your meetings, your case could be dismissed, and you would have to start all over again.


When looking to hire an attorney ask questions like:

  • Will they help you fill out your financial information?
  • Will they go to all meetings and Court appearances with you?
  • Will you be able to reach your attorney with questions?

Bankruptcy can be a complicated section of the law. You will want a bankruptcy attorney that has obtained successful conclusions to cases similar to yours. Speaking to a knowledgable attorney can help you choose the best bankruptcy filing for your unique situations.

At your initial consultation, you can ask your attorney if there is anything you can do to help lower the cost of your case. Having your paperwork in order can reduce the billable hours and save you some money as well.

Contact a Plano bankruptcy attorney today to be on your side to help you gain financial security.

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