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For most people, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer happens a little late in the process. After a long time of struggle trying to pay their debts, people start to consider filing for bankruptcy and then thinking about hiring a lawyer. Filing for bankruptcy is not a simple process, and it requires a good representation. Let’s take a look into how and where you can find the best bankruptcy lawyer.

It’s not hard to see an advertisement from bankruptcy lawyers, some are even on TV, but that’s not how you can choose a good lawyer, of course, chances are you won’t know the questions you should ask to check if a lawyer is outstanding. It’s also something you don’t want to ask your friends and family about, that’s why most people go for an online search. You can learn a lot just by visiting their website. Questions to ask when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer:

1. What type of bankruptcy should I file for?

There are mainly two types of personal bankruptcy to file: “Chapter 7” and “Chapter 13”. It is essential to understand which would suit your case. Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy, where the court could sell all your nonexempt assets to pay your creditors. In Chapter 13, you can have a more affordable repayment plan for your debts. With this type, you have a “reorganization bankruptcy.” A reasonable attorney will be able to determine which type of bankruptcy fits your needs.

2. Will the attorney appear with you in court?

Going to court is one of the most stressful aspects of filing for bankruptcy. That’s why it is crucial to have your lawyer with you during the process to give you the confidence and orientation you will need. It is not uncommon for law firms to send a substitute attorney when the assigned lawyer cannot make it to court. To avoid this risk, you should discuss the arrangement with your lawyer.

3. How much will it cost?

That can be a tricky question to ask around, and attorneys charge very different rates for their services. Established firms with experienced attorneys will have higher fees than average attorneys with less experience. Before going further with your case, we advise you to ask for a reasonable estimate of how much the entire process will cost you, including court and administration expenses, filing costs, and attorney’s fees.

A good start is to contact a Dallas bankruptcy attorney to find out how they can get you the most financial relief.

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