What Happens at a Bankruptcy Confirmation Hearing

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confirmation hearingMost bankruptcy courts hold Chapter 13 confirmation hearings one or two days a month. The courtroom will probably be full as motions to dismiss, motions to establish property sale and motions to convert Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 will be scheduled at the same time.

If you are called first and don’t know where to stand, you can ask your trustee or the clerk where to go. If you are not the first case called, you can watch where other people stand.

Order of Cases

Usually, the uncontested bankruptcies will go first so the judge can move the cases through the court quickly. Next comes the motions to dismiss and other cases with an obvious outcome. Last will be the cases in which the creditor or trustee has some kind of objection to your plan.

The judge or court clerk will ask you to state your name. Next, the judge will ask you questions about your ability to make the payments in the plan and to clear up any confusing parts. The judge will also want to know if there are any objections from your creditors or trustee and if they were resolved. If there are objections, the judge will ask the party to describe what the objections are and then ask you if you have a response.


At that point, the judge will make the ruling. If the judge agrees to the objection, you will be allowed to modify the plan. If the judge feels you will not be able to meet the plan requirements, they may switch you to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you have any questions about bankruptcy and how the process works, contact a Plano bankruptcy attorney.

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