Where Do I File My Bankruptcy Papers?

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federal court

Bankruptcy cases are filed in federal courts. People often confuse the process and try to submit their bankruptcy documents in the state or county courts. Federal courts are fewer than state courts and are located in districts. Districts are defined by geography and population. The court you choose will be where for the last 180 days, you lived or maintained a business.


You may be unfortunate enough to have to travel hundreds of miles to get to your federal courthouse. If your bankruptcy attorney operates near the courthouse, they can attend most of the hearings on your behalf. Therefore relieving you of having to make the tedious drive. If you have moved within 180 days of filing bankruptcy, you will need to file with your previous address.

Locate a Courthouse

You can use the federal court finder by putting in your address, state, or zip code. Select the bankruptcy court option to see a list of courthouses near you. When you find a possible location, call to be sure they take your specific type of bankruptcy case.

The paperwork to be filed will include your name and contact information. The type of bankruptcy you are submitting and a series of schedules listing your income, debt, expenses, and a certificate of completion of the required pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course.

Contact a Plano bankruptcy attorney to get current information on what type of bankruptcy is best for your situation, how to file, and what documents you will need. Filing bankruptcy can get you back on track with your finances and stop the creditors from calling or taking legal action against you.

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