Internet Coupons Spark Consumer Complaints

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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internet couponThe state and federal consumer protection agencies are overrun with consumer complaints over credit collection agencies and debt settlement companies. These days there are a surprising number of calls showing that consumer complaints are evolving with the times.

Over the past few years, internet coupons that offer discounts on goods and services from local companies have grown in popularity. Although these deals may be appealing by offering 50 or more percent off, not everyone is happy with the deal they receive. As consumer trends gravitate towards these discount services providers, so is the number of complaints received by state and federal consumer protection agencies.

Consumer Complaints On The Rise

State and federal consumer protection agencies have been receiving more calls regarding these internet coupon providers each day. Many of the complaints involve misleading or unclear terms of the coupon. For example, some of the coupons offered may be purchased right away but not used until a specified number of coupons are purchased. This is often the case in a group coupon purchase, where the coupon is not valid unless a certain number of people have purchased the coupon or signed up.

Many of these discounts carry very specific restrictions in the fine print that may be overlooked when purchasing. One consumer reported purchasing a 90-day membership to a gym and was told she would be unable to use it for the full 90-days due to the expiration date. The consumer believed that as long as she activated the membership before the expiration date, the 90-day window would be valid. The consumer had to pursue help from her state consumer protection agency in order to recoup her money.

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