Occupy Protestors Take On Foreclosures

: Chris Lee Law Firm

  Filed under: Financial News

occupy-protestersIt turns out that it isn’t just the government who has taken notice of the foreclosure crisis, but now private protestors groups as well. Known for their recent political movements to take a stand against current government policies, Occupy protestors are now adding another cause to their list; foreclosures.

Occupy Homes

Many cities have issued eviction notices for those involved in the Occupy movement, stating they are no longer allowed to set up camp in local parks or public spaces. The organizers of the Occupy Los Angeles group says have set a plan to relocate into foreclosed properties. Peter Kuhns, an organizer with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment says, “Foreclosures are one of the biggest aspects of the economic crisis created by Wall Street bankers. .. so it seems like a pretty natural step for people to protest foreclosed properties.”

The idea is to help American homeowners fight foreclosure by “occupying” local properties in foreclosure. The group plans to take over more than 30 properties by next Tuesday in efforts to disrupt foreclosure and auction proceedings. Many homeowners have joined efforts and are planning to move back into their old properties or will stubbornly refuse to vacate their currently foreclosed properties. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first attempt for homeowners resisting foreclosures led by the group. Back in September a homeowner refused eviction and demanded she receive a mortgage modification, to which the lender eventually agreed.


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